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Pastor Lee Eddy, preaches the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from the inerrant Word of God.
When you are unable to come to the physical church building, you can listen to Pastor Eddy's sermons right here. 

Courage to Confront Sin

8-15-21 Gods Ten Words _ Pastor Lee Eddy.png

"Oh, I don't know if I should talk to them about their actions". Ever heard yourself say that to yourself when you recognize sin in someone else? The fear of talking to someone, is real. We don't want to hurt feelings or loose a relationship. Plus - do we really want to be called out on our bad/sinful behavior? No, no we don't. Today, Pastor Eddy shares how Nehemiah dealt with God's people and their sin and how he confronted them in Truth. The great encouragement? Is how the people responded.

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