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Pastor Lee Eddy, preaches the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from the inerrant Word of God.
When you are unable to come to the physical church building, you can listen to Pastor Eddy's sermons right here. 

Eight Unique Characteristics of Jesus Christ - His Forgiveness

8-15-21 Gods Ten Words _ Pastor Lee Eddy.png

"Well of course Jesus could forgive those who crucified Him, He was God!" Have you heard this statement as a reason why a person doesn't forgive those who are cruel to them? I have and have even used that as an excuse when I come to God, or I used to! I now know that I am without excuse for a reason why not to forgive. Jesus is my example of forgiveness, and He gives the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit to give me the strength to forgive, even when the circumstances don't warrant forgiveness in this world's system. Today, Pastor Eddy will teach us the Truth of forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ.

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