About us

Welcome to Calvary Baptist Church. Established in 1983, our church has served Bloomfield for 38 years. We reside in the northwest corner of New Mexico. We are the "Little Country Church On The Hill".

We worship with music that is southern gospel, contemporary, hymns, and praise songs.  Bringing the music together with guitars, mandolin and the dulcimer. We have a unique sound that is rich and joyous. The music focuses on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with His grace and mercy that brings healing.

 An invitation is always given for people after God's message, as led by the Holy Spirit to come to the altar for Salvation and prayer.

The heart of Calvary is grace.  All are welcome to come to worship the risen Savior Jesus Christ.

Here, we love. We come together for the purpose to share the love of Jesus Christ and His perfect Salvation.

There are wonderful people of deep faith who share the testimony of what God has done for them. Knowing that it is Jesus, and Jesus Christ alone that brings transformation.

Looking forward to how God is going to use our church, we are moving dirt. Praying for how God will expand our borders. How and what our next chapter in Bloomfield will impact the next generation.

Come join us. Let's worship the risen Savior together!

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