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Need a Bible?

Bible GateWay online, is easy to navigate to find the perfect Bible for you.  Click the button to start your search.

Baptist Faith and Message

What do you believe?  Clicking the button above will take you to the Southern Baptist Convention website where you can read, Biblical answers to your questions.

Southern Baptist Convention

In Southern Baptist Life, there is a hierarchy.  Yet, each church is autonomous in everyday life. Jesus is the head of our church and we follow His leadership. We join other churches within Southern Baptist organization to spread the Gospel message of Jesus the Christ.  Click the button to learn more about Southern Baptist Life.

Baptist Convention of New Mexico

Working together with Southern Baptist Churches in New Mexico, we become one arm working together. There are many opportunities to be a part of one heartbeat in our state.  Check it out, by clicking the button above.

San Juan Baptist Association

The San Juan Baptist Association is a cooperating network of 36 Southern Baptist churches, on mission to communicate the Good News about Jesus Christ. In the communities of our three river valleys, west to the Navajo communities around the Four Corners Monument, over to Chama, NM in the Rocky Mountains to the east, and southward across the Eastern Navajo Checkerboard country, our churches resource each other and share fellowship in the Gospel.

New Mexico Baptist Foundation

Established in 1947, the New Mexico Baptist Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission to generate funds for Kingdom causes around the world. We are committed to assisting individuals, churches, and charities impact the world through the faithful stewardship of God's resources.

Hesperus Baptist Camp

While hosting guests is a comprehensive service ministry, a fundamental component to effectively meeting guests needs is found in quality facilities. We strive to be progressive in meeting the felt needs of our guests. 
We have two distinct seasons as it relates to hosting groups: 1) the SUMMER season, and 2) the RETREAT season.  Certain components of our facility are configured specifically according to the season, and are so noted in their description.

Women's Missionary Union

Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) began 133 years ago in the hearts of visionary leaders to pray and systematically raise money for missions. Since that time, WMU has helped lead Southern Baptist churches across the country to give $6.6 billion through... Click the button above to read more.

New Mexico Children's Home

The Mission of New Mexico Christian Children’s Home in partnership with family, church, and community is to transform each child we serve into a Christian champion who is a respected, responsible citizen through quality residential, adoptive, and single-parent homes and services provided by a dedicated professional team under God’s direction.

Grace Place Pregnancy and Health Center

Are you pregnant?  Considering abortion?  Are you a new Dad and feeling lost?    Call 505-327-4747 to talk to a live person day or night, or click the button above for more information.

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