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Pastor Charles Marting

God's Amazing Grace, powerful and fully covers all of our sin setting us free from guilt and shame.

Pastor Charles Martin

Have you asked yourself why? Why don't I thank God for what He is going to do for me? That's quite a leap of faith isn't it? This sermon helped me to inspect the depth of my faith in God.

Pastor Dennis Reimers

Life's troubles, disappointments, sorrows and unmet expectations. Each one brings with it an opportunity for the revelation of God's Glory in our lives. When we are first experiencing each trouble, our first inclination is to: run, hide, or fight. When we walk in reaction, we miss the blessings of the opportunity trouble brings to our life. Listen here, as Pastor Dennis Reimers shares the truth of peace in trouble.

Pastor Charles Martin

How many excuses do you have for not doing? A pocket full? Have you heard that an excuse is a well planned lie? Do you have an excuse for not surrendering your life in full, sorrows, fears, wants, passions, anger and the desires of your heart?
Do you have an excuse why you won't come to Jesus for Salvation?
Pastor Charles Martin, shares how our excuses change our lives.