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Pastor Lee Eddy, preaches the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from the inerrant Word of God.
When you are unable to come to the physical church building, you can listen to Pastor Eddy's sermons right here. 

Advent 1 - In the Beginning was the Word

8-15-21 Gods Ten Words _ Pastor Lee Eddy.png

"In the beginning was the Word". The beginning, the existing, without time or space. Humanity being limited to time and space; beginning and end, to fathom our LORD, Provider and Savior always existing is a revelation that makes the soul long for the depth of that relationship that is for you. In today's sermon series Pastor Lee Eddy brings the clarity of John 1 that brings us this wonderful, good news that Jesus has always been, always is and always will be for each and every person for the world.

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