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Pastor Lee Eddy, preaches the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from the inerrant Word of God.
When you are unable to come to the physical church building, you can listen to Pastor Eddy's sermons right here. 

Famous Bible People - Caleb the Magnificent

8-15-21 Gods Ten Words _ Pastor Lee Eddy.png

85 years old! Can you imagine being that age and receiving the land promised to you by God? There is one requirement that goes with that land. Remove the people from that land. God told the people that he would drive them out before them, but the tribes of Israel still had to do their part. Caleb at 85 was ready to do his part to receive all that God had promised to him. Just like us in our day. God has defeated all power of our enemies and made us victors before we ever fight the battle. Are we ready to take what is ours that the LORD has given us, from a place of victory and not of defeat? Listen here as Pastor Eddy shares God's Truth.

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